Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bloody Sunday 1922

Ireland play England this weekend in Croke Park. Its going to be an emotional rollercoaster, but we should win.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Greetings from Kilteel

I've had the day off today. I've just spent 5 hours cleaning my friends house. Im about to sit down on front of a coal fire for the rest of night. Just been reading Tim and Aoifes blogs...Ive been much inspired to get blogging again!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

St Patricks Day Festival

Did the Divine Office this morning, it was extra special due to the focus on St. Patrick. He was a man who suffered much for his faith at the hands of the heathen Irish.

Worked all day in Phoenix Park. Got to watch some of the Dublin St Patricks Day Parade on television. It was cold and wet. I couldnt believe it when I saw some Brazillian Samba Girls doing their thing on the parade. 3-4 hours of wet and cold in a pair of knickers and a bra. I could see runners from the Dublin City Marithon from my window.

Went to a Irish session late evening in Kilteel, Kildare with Hugo, his brother and cousin. It was interesting night to say the least - Hugo and Sean sang! Im to shy for that kind of stuff. We were served stew and spare ribs at towards the end of the night. Unfortunately, I was working, went to bed early.

Had a chance in the afternoon to read some of Ed Kuraths book. Im being much blessed by it. It deals with the issue of perfectionism head on. Ed talks about bitter root judgments made in early life and inner vows that are tied to them. He talk about the fifth commandment, 'Honour your father and mother so that life may go well with you.' He says that in those areas that we do not honour father or mother, life will not go well for us in these areas.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Giving up perfectionism for lent!

I’m off work today thank God! Went to the driving range this morning for half an hour.


Went back to the internet café Hughes & Hughes (Dundalk) for the first time in months. They’ve got wi-fi…I can’t get onto it though… my content advisor’s blocking me. So… I’m composing a blog instead. It usually takes me all day to write a blog….perfectionism!


Yesterday, I got chatting to a friend on perfectionism, it roots and the way out of it. Anyone familiar with this? He gave me some great counsel.


My understanding of it is that the perfectionistic person believes that they are imperfect or ‘not ok’ inside. They beat themselves incessantly in an attempt to measure up. Making mistakes is intolerable. Their worth is based their on their performance. They fear the rejection of others.


I believe shame can be a root of perfectionism. A person with a shame based personality believes his very existence is wrong, bad or dangerous and this is to be hidden from others.


Leanne Payne in her books and lectures talks much about shame and self-hatred. She notes that a ‘shameful sense of inferiority’ in a person can result from the ‘loss of a sense of being’ or ‘well being.’ I heard Valarie McIntyre say that the loss of a sense of being happens when an infant’s basic needs are not met, especially in the first year of life. 


The perfectionist is a driven person. Driven by the need to fix himself and win the approval and acceptance of others. It destroys the pilgrim character of hope, that sense of being on the journey (Pieper). This has been my own experience. Nothing you do is ‘good enough’. The good new is however, there is a way out of this hell. Through Christ. He tells us to not judge…..others or ourselves. 


Anyway, enough on that for now!!


Later today I invested in a smoothie maker, expensive enough. Right now I’m in a café in Ardee. I’ve just driven my friend Margaret over from Dundalk to see her osteopath. This sitting in a café with my laptop is a new experience. I really like it.


I started this blog yesterday….didn’t get to publish it!


So, I’ll continue on a little bit more. It’s pouring down rain here again today (Wed). Got mass at 10am at St Patrick’s Cathedral and then went to the driving range. Last night watched ‘Happy Gilmore’ with a friend. Anyone else seen this movie? Got to the gym before that. 


Tested out the smoothie maker…there’s more to making smoothies that meets the eye.  It’s all in the flavouring.



Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Good Day

I passed my (NCT)National Car Test Today. I thought that I may have had to replace some costly parts.

This means that the car is deemed safe to drive for the next two years. Hurray!Later in the day I had much blessed phone conversation with an old friend and counselor Ed Kurath from Idaho.

I first met Ed in Idaho in 2001 for an 'Intensive Week of Counseling'at Elijah House. This was a life changing experience for me. I had been struggling with a shameful sense of inferiority, depression, and soical phobia at the time.

Ed had been working with Elijah House at the time but since has set up his own ministry 'Divinely Designed' being changed into the image of Jesus.

Check out Ed's New Book,'I Will Give You Rest, How You Can Experience The Peace That Jesus Promised.' at


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Monday morning blessing & Gate Ramming

Played nine holes of golf last Monday morning in Carnbeg, Dundalk. It turned into a time of prayer. There was practically no-one else on the course. The perfect setting for some dialogue. I left the course with a hunger to come back!

This morning at 10am i had a golf lesson, my first with Joe (golfing professional)at his house in Dundalk. When I arrived at Joe's house, it worked out that his fronts gates had been rammed by joyriders. Police were there. Strange, as it is in the middle of the country. The police said three other gate-ramming incidents occurred in the neighbourhood the night before. Anyway, Joe and his family are ok, thank God.

Ive no doubt that golf is a great way to relax, has anyone else found this?


Monday, January 23, 2006

Got my driving test!!

Went for my driving test in late January and passed. Yippee!!!

January was a busy month between work, preparing for driving test and paying off annual bills. Was somewhat stressed out!

Spent last weekend in Belfast with Joe, Trish and Family. We played this PS2 music game till 1.30am. Earlier that day I played golf with Patrick in Antrim first game in twenty years. This was a major learning curve. Met Therese and the kids briefly after mass.

Met up with Brian, Karen and Killian in Dublin last Saturday. Brian is training to be an Anglican Minister. Brian recently did a placement in the same hospital where i work.

Margaret, my housemate has been suffering much with her back. She's had to take two weeks off work - your prayers would be appreciated.

Great to hear about bonuses Tim (see lonelyman link)!!

Thats all for now friends!